Wound Care

Foot Ulcer Ulcers or wounds are open sores which many times occur in the lower extremity of people who are diagnosed with diabetes or any peripheral vascular diseases (PVD). These open sores, ulcers, or wounds are common in people who have issues with the circulation of the legs and feet and should be carefully treated and monitored by a podiatrist to avoid further very serious complications with life altering consequences. Poorly fitted shoes, or something as trivial as a stocking seam, can create a wound that may not be felt by people with Diabetes or PVD due to a decrease in skin sensations of the foot and ankle. Ulcers can quickly become infected and lead to more serious life altering consequences. Our podiatric doctors are trained on how to treat and Leg Ulcersometimes prevent these wounds and can be an important factor in keeping your lower extremity healthy and strong. We treat and manage all wounds from the knee down to the toes. Call 215-334-9900 for your screening today by one of our highly trained doctors.

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