Foot & Ankle Problems

Foot and Ankle ProblemsYour foot and ankle is complex, and highly engineered, with 33 joints, 26 bones, and over a hundred muscles, ligaments, and tendons. There are numerous joints between these bones that allow your foot to be both a rigid lever and a shock absorber. Your ankle plays a key role in transferring motion from the foot to the leg. When you walk, your foot absorbs the impact of striking the ground as well as adapting to the conditions of the ground, such as uneven or slanted terrain just as one example.

The gait cycle or walking cycle describes what happens to your foot and ankle from the initial contact of one of your feet with the ground until that same foot contacts the ground again. Mid way through the gait or walking cycle your entire foot is in contact with the ground and the entire weight of your body is directly over your foot. All of these complex components of your foot and ankle all work together to distribute body weight and allow movement while providing the body with support, balance, and mobility. A structural flaw or malfunction in any one part can result in the development of problems in the foot, ankle, or elsewhere in the body. Abnormalities in other parts of the body can also lead to problems in the feet.

A survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association that included 1,000 US adults, ages 18 and older, found that Americans view the well being and health of their feet as the least important body part. Foot pain contributes to a variety of negative health consequences as well as obesity, so it is critical that you pay attention to your feet and call 215-334-9900 for expert high quality treatment for any type of pain or any foot problems in your feet and ankles.

Our Podiatric doctors are highly trained in the care and treatment of all diseases, deformities, injuries, or general discomfort of the foot and ankle. Any pain or problems with your feet and ankles must be treated before the problem becomes more painful and causes you to not be able to walk or become incapacitated. Some foot problems can be warning signs of more serious ailments. Through a thorough foot evaluation, our Podiatric doctors will treat your foot and ankle problem and evaluate your symptoms which may be signs of diabetes, arthritis, nerve and circulatory disorders.

Call 215-334-9900 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained Podiatric doctors. With appointments available daily, most evenings, and Saturday we have a time that can easily fit into your schedule. We are also conveniently located to all major highways and have onsite parking. Stop living with that foot problem hoping that it will go way...make that appointment today!

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