Common Foot Injuries

Common Foot InjuriesFoot and ankle injuries and emergencies such as infections, broken bones, dislocations, sprains, contusions, and other serious injuries can occur at any time. Early attention is vitally important and you should call our office for evaluation and treatment as soon as possible. If one of our doctors is available, come to our office immediately for evaluation and treatment. Our digital on site x-rays provide our doctors with an important tool to diagnosing your injury without having to leave the office so you can be treated while you are in the office with no wait time or being shuffled from one department and doctor to another.

Myths about foot and ankle injuries:

"It can't be broken, because I can move it."
False; this widespread idea has kept many fractures from receiving proper treatment.

"If you break a toe, immediate care isn't necessary."
False; a toe fracture needs treatment and often X-rays for proper and complete healing. Many people may develop post-fracture deformity of a toe that may results in painful persistent corns. A good general rule is: call our office for evaluation and treatment.

"If you have a foot or ankle injury, soak it in hot water immediately."
False; don't use heat or hot water on an area suspect for fracture, sprain, or dislocation. Heat promotes blood flow, causing greater swelling and increased pressure on the nerves, causing more pain. Call our office for evaluation and treatment

"Applying an elastic bandage to a severely sprained ankle is adequate treatment."
False; ankle sprains often mean torn or severely overstretched ligaments, and they should receive immediate care. X-ray examination, immobilization by casting or splinting, and physiotherapy to ensure a normal recovery all may be indicated. Surgery may even be necessary. Call our office for evaluation and treatment.

"The terms 'fracture,' 'break,' and 'crack' are all different."
False; all of those words are proper in describing a broken bone. Call our office for evaluation and treatment for any of these.

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