Initial Appointment


The initial appointment is usually spent conducting a thorough examination, beginning with a clinical examination of the foot and ankle. X-rays are taken as required and a comprehensive medical history is compiled. A comprehensive examination is necessary in determining a diagnosis and treatment plan. Regardless of the amount of time dedicated to your initial examination, every effort will also be made to treat the discomfort which brought you to our office. Schedule your initial appointment by calling for an evaluation by one of our highly trained podiatric doctors.

When arriving to your initial appointment, please be sure to have all medical information, such as x-rays of the foot and ankle that may have been taken and/or a list of your current medications, that will aid the doctors in delivering the best care for your foot and ankle issue. Please also have all the necessary requirements of your health insurance carrier, especially those programs that require a referral from your primary care doctor or your family doctor.

We thank you for choosing Podiatric Medical And Surgical Associates, PC and look forward to servicing all your podiatric needs.

The information on this site is provided for your assistance only; this site does not provide podiatric advice. You should never diagnose or treat yourself for a podiatric condition based on the information provided herein, and the information is not provided for that purpose. Likewise, you should never determine that treatment is unnecessary based on this information. The information contained herein is not a substitute for podiatric care provided by a licensed podiatric professional. The information provided herein is not podiatric, medical or professional advice. This site does not create a doctor-patient relationship. If you are feeling ill, please call your primary care physician, or other healthcare provider. In the case of an emergency, please go to the nearest hospital.

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